Sunday, November 9, 2014

Our little girl Dottie.

Jord and I are thrilled to introduce the newest addition to our family, meet our little girl, Dottie.  She was born on September 29, 2014 at 2:40 am.  This is what 8 lbs 4 oz of perfection looks like...

We are so in love with our little Dot.  She is perfect.  Dottie is 6 weeks old tomorrow - it's crazy!  We melt like butter on hot biscuits when she smiles and laughs.  I'm just loving this little family of mine!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Crème de la crème.

Our little girl is here and we are so in love!  Her name is Dottie, and she is perfect - pictures to come.  I just wanted to take a moment here on the blog to let Jord know a couple of things that have been on mind in the wee hours of the night between feedings...

Jord, my love love love, thank you for..
..being the most handsome man in the world and beyond!
..not running for the hills when I told you (on our first date) about my fascination for sharks and when they attack.
..picking those wildflowers for me when we first met, offering me your hand to help me over that fallen tree, and always opening my door.
..asking me to marry you in the most perfect way.
..making me laugh.  All.  The.  Time.
..making the spiders and earwigs disappear, and disposing of their carcasses.  That spider a couple days ago didn't stand a chance with the hot water and garbage disposal going strong.  Thank you!
..always lifting the heavy stuff.  Especially the gallon of milk.
..answering the door when somebody is knocking, because I'm not a fan.
..always being patient with me, especially when I can't make up my mind.
..rubbing my back whenever I hurled during these last few months.
..helping me out of bed and chairs because the tummy made it rough.
..letting me drink the water runoff when the nurse told me I could only have ice during labor.  We are the rebels.
..always supporting me, even when I'm being completely crazy and repeating myself.  And then repeating myself.
..always making me feel like the most beautiful woman in world.
..for loving me in the most perfect way.
..for taking the best care of me and our little girl, and putting us before everything else.

I am so glad that you and I are married, and that you are all mine.  I love you so so much, and you're the most important thing to me.  Jord, you are the best husband and the best dad.  I lucked out with you.  You even make spit up on shirts look good!  Happy first anniversary hot stuff, and here's to 100 more... You are the crème de la crème.

Monday, September 22, 2014

A shower to remember!

The ladies at Freshly Picked threw me a surprise baby shower a couple weeks ago - sneaky!  They are such wise women, because it couldn't have happened any other way (I don't do surprises).  This little babe of mine officially has THE cutest footwear and outfits!  I even received the essentials... diapers, a stroller, and a car seat - oh my!  I am beyond grateful, and absolutely love working at Freshly Picked!  Thank you again and again, Susan, Jodi, Italia, Caroline, Rachel, Jenna, Janelle, and Candice - I couldn't love you all anymore if I tried!  P.s. Go check out Freshly Picked's new fall line - it changes lives!  The super cute Merci and Oui Oui Moccs drop tomorrow (Sept. 23) at 10:00 am Mountain Standard Time!

Saturday, August 30, 2014


I have some catching up to do!  We had our first Christmas together, and it was so fun!  Jord was a great sport whenever I got a crazy hair and wanted to craft the night away - like that one time he did some intense wood burning to create our "Our First Christmas" ornament (I couldn't love it anymore) or when he created a giant tissue paper heart for Valentine's Day!  I even convinced my brother, Al, to help on that one, too!  I've decided I will keep them both.  My little brother also got back from serving a two year mission in the Philippines (he's the one holding Nemo)!
Jord and I also ate some good food between now and then, and we won Halo 3!  I don't know what else could top those two things besides... oh yeah, we're having a BABY in like a month!!