Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Post 1

Welcome to my first blog post.
Here is a picture from my first birthday.

The little lover of fire there is me.
The one holding me from the flame is my best friend, my mom.

. My first real kiss was in the middle of the street under falling snow.
. I found true love during my first trip to New York.  New York cheesecake, I still love you.
. In first grade, I learned the colors of the rainbow. 
. My first time eating a mussel was my last.

I hope today has a "first" in store for you.
There's something exciting about most of them, 
and the great thing is, is that they don't even bite 
(unless your alligator wrestling for the first time).


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  1. Hi Meg,

    Let me be the First to comment; I am looking forward to your next post, what a cute photo that cake looked homemade and delicious :)
    ♥ Noemi aka classy-n-glamorous on Polyvore
    Fashion: Classy N Glamorous
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