Wednesday, April 4, 2012


In this household, we celebrate holidays when we please.
This past Sunday was Easter.
Eggs by Alex
Eggs by the two brothers and I.

Alex (23), Colt (19), and I (21) ran around the yard like little kids experiencing Easter for the first time (I'm sure the neighbors appreciated the entertainment).
Nothing could stop the hunt, not even the rain.
Some of the favorites I managed to pick up were Cadbury Eggs, Smooth Melty mints, and Candy Buttons.
I am pleased to say it was a clean hunt and no one got hurt, minus the brothers' egos.  I totally won.

We colored Easter eggs after.
I love the colors.
I love the vinegar.
I love those wrappers that hug the eggs real tight when submerged in hot water.
I love being able to use crayons to decorate.  It's like magic!

We celebrated Easter early this year because my little brother is leaves today to serve a mission for our church, for two years.  He is one of the best and funniest people I know.  I love him more than cheese enchiladas.  That's a big deal.  I am really grateful for the reason behind the celebration of Easter.  I'm grateful for Christ's life and his flawless example to the world.

For all of you that celebrate holidays on the allotted days, like normal people, Happy Easter to you this coming Sunday.  May your baskets be filled with colored eggs and delicious chocolate, and may you not trip too many kids in the process.  :-)


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