Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Then & now.
What is in that little mouth of mine?  Who can say.
I really love polka dots.
I just don't think triangles or squares would have the same effect as the cute circle.
Poor triangle and square..

However, triangles are really good for other things like:

I take down so much salsa that I wouldn't be surprised if it has replaced the blood in my veins.
And squares are really nice for:

Full house is the hardest for me.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


I would like to be the person who comes up with the names that go on garden labels.
Here's what I mean..

My dad and I went to pick out a few things for his garden.

Jalapeno for homemade pico de gallo!
Basil for everything else!
Picture of taking a picture.
Baby Coke.

This is a picture of the card I'm making for dad.
This is a picture of my frozen yogurt before it disappeared.
I'm such a good magician.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Raw & Wriggling.

Saturday Nights.
Some people go to parties.
Some people go to movies.
Some people cruise Main Street.
I go worm hunting with my dad.

I caught 40 worms.  Dad caught 85.  Dad won.
Every time I went to catch one, I would whisper, "One... two... three... {snatch!}"
It's slightly gross if one thinks about it, so I tried not to.
Such a good time.

Cat.  Mouse.  Harmonious.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Yesterday was my birthday!
♫ Happy birthday to me
♫ Happy birthday to me
♫ Happy birthday dear Meeeeeeeg
♫ Happy birthday to me
I am officially twenty-two!
Birthday day picture bullets..

Woke up to this.
So glad my family gets my humor and sends it my way in card form.
Love love love.  I needed new Minted & Top Coat.
The one on the far right is Gargantuan Green Grape - I'm completely in love with it.

I love gift cards.  Especially ones that are for Barnes & Noble.
I developed a love for the Vanillamint chapstick (it was initially thicker than I expected-but I learned to love).
I also decided to try the Cinnamint, and I'm loving it!
Dad got me a fishing license!
He drew a fish on the back...with a smiling worm.
This.  Smells.  Divine!
This.  Tastes.  Divine!
Mom's homemade blueberry cheesecake.

Also, in other exciting news, I got to talk to my little brother yesterday, TWICE!  I haven't seen Colt in about two months!  He's always been my partner in crime.  He has been in the MTC (Missionary Training Center) for the past little while and he left yesterday to serve a mission for our church in the beautiful country of The Philippines for the next 22 months!!  I am so proud of the kid!
Colt & I
June 4, 2012 was such a good day.