Saturday, October 27, 2012

You look like bad news.

I don't like real pie, like apple.  Instead, I have developed feelings for fake pie.  So I decided to bake just that.  Cake pie!  Pake, if you will. 
If you tried to tell me that you wouldn't lick this, I wouldn't believe you.
I like Cool Whip for exactly two reasons..
1. The label has scalloped edges.  Win.
2. It tastes like Frosty the Snowman.  Win.
Want to make a pake, too?  Get any cake mix you'd like, make or purchase a pie crust, follow cake making instructions, and put it in the oven for baby and me.
I like mine served warm with berries and whipped topping.
Every wonder what a Meg does on a Saturday morning?  So do I.
 I only listen to songs that state my age.


  1. great, let me know when you follow me and i'll follow back straight away :)

  2. that's a really interesting recipe!

  3. Haha :D!!
    Pie, Pacman and silly music :D I approve :D Would you like to follow each other :)?
    x, Lara

  4. This looks delicious! :D
    Love Taylor Swift :D

    OH! Don' forget to check my Anna Dello Russo at H&M GIVEAWAY :).

  5. mmmmmmmm yummmmmiiii !

  6. mm you make me wish I knew how to cook! very cute blog - and I love the matte nail polish :]

  7. I think you are truly talented! stunning.

  8. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Would you like to follow each other?

    Much love,

  9. That pie looks amazing...And, I HATE pie! So, that's saying a lot!

    Also? Your blog is adorable. That's all!

    Life Unfluffed

  10. Thank you so much dear! That cake looks so yummy! I have to try!
    Lots of kisses*

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  12. You are a cool girl with a pretty cool blog! This is a great idea of making cake any recipe and serving it with fresh berries-looks so good. I am your new follower :-)


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