Friday, November 9, 2012

May the force be with you, too.

It snowed today.
I shoveled the snow.
Half way through, neighbor started to shovel theirs via four-wheeler.
Every time I'd nail a crack in the driveway, which resulted in the self inflicted Heimlich maneuver, I'd resist the urge to shout over the fence, "You win!"

Well, you know what they say, "When life gives you ice, make ice cream."
So I did.

My grandma used to make snow {ice} cream for my mom, and my mom made it for us growing up.
The best recipes just state the ingredients and then let you wing it until it's good.
I dyed the ice cream sea foam green!!  I support all forms of artificial coloring.
Side note:  I made (future) his and her mugs last night.  
Mug one reads - May the force be with you.
Mug two reads - May the force be with you, too.


  1. Bah! Snow! We had some snow today too... up in the mountains :) At least you made the best of it, everything's better with ice cream!

    1. You got it, too!? And I agree, everything really is better with ice cream! Xo

  2. I love "When life gives you ice, make ice cream". haha so clever! I need to be better at making lemonade/ice cream when I'm given the opportunity. :D

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  7. honestly.... I am not so convinced to drink that colored beverage....
    great idea though....

    1. Hahaha it's okay, we can still be friends ;-) Cute blog! Xo

  8. Wow nice!!! thank you so much for your visit!!!
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    1. Thanks so much! i'm officially following ;-)

  10. Oh man, that looks fantastic!!! And for the record, I'm an advocate of food coloring as well...isn't everything better in color?!? (c;

  11. Hi lovely, I follow you by Bloglovin too!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Besos, Marcela♥

  12. I love snow cream!! Those mugs are too cute. My husband would love them!


  13. Yuuummmm!!! This seems so much more simple than using real ice to make homemade ice cream. I never thought of food coloring, it makes it so cute and look even tastier! I will have to try this once we get some snow!


  14. Using real snow? Never thought of that! Genius!


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