Monday, September 22, 2014

A shower to remember!

The ladies at Freshly Picked threw me a surprise baby shower a couple weeks ago - sneaky!  They are such wise women, because it couldn't have happened any other way (I don't do surprises).  This little babe of mine officially has THE cutest footwear and outfits!  I even received the essentials... diapers, a stroller, and a car seat - oh my!  I am beyond grateful, and absolutely love working at Freshly Picked!  Thank you again and again, Susan, Jodi, Italia, Caroline, Rachel, Jenna, Janelle, and Candice - I couldn't love you all anymore if I tried!  P.s. Go check out Freshly Picked's new fall line - it changes lives!  The super cute Merci and Oui Oui Moccs drop tomorrow (Sept. 23) at 10:00 am Mountain Standard Time!